Siroko Wind Club

Offers windsurf lessons for any level, from beginners to advanced. The instructors have big experience in teaching adults and kids. We are trying to match the speed and the thematic coverage, depending on the personal needs and skills. Our equipment is from GA Sails, Vandal Sails and Tabou boards - suitable for grown ups and very small kids (at least 5 years old).
We are always there to help you if you need some tips. If you are in trouble our rescue boat is available at all times, during working hours, to get you and your equipment safely to the shore. Don’t want to bring your own equipment? No problem - we provide different rental packages: daily, weekly and flexible. Check out our rent + lesson deals so you can improve your skills. For those who bring their own equipment, we provide safe storage space for up to 2 sails and 1 board.


Kite Surfing

In the nearby beach of Saravari, just 1 minute from the accommodation, there is a huge, not crowded, beach with calm, warm, shallow waters and close –to-perfect wind conditions from middle May to middle October, ideal for kite/surfing. The long sweeping stretches of golden sand provide ample room for plenty of Kiters and Surfers.


Bird Watching

Lake Aliki is especially important for Greater Flamingo, Shelduck, Ruddy Shelduck, Avocet and Kentish Plover. There are several other extremely productive wetlands: Asprolimni and Hortalimni in the east and Diapori Marsh, the wader-friendly tidal inlet of Pedino Bay and the reservoir known as Fragma (meaning dam) in the south-west; not to mention the extensive area of seasonal coastal wetlands and river mouths running south-east from the airport almost to the port of Moudros.
Communication: email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / tel. - 22540-41330


Thermal Springs

The first written reference to Thermal Springs is dated 1546! During the Turkish occupation, Pasha Hassan built a comfortable bathroom and guest house that still exists to this day. For centuries, people have visited the spring for its healing properties. Today, the thermal baths use modernised methods, and offers a big variety of therapeutic treatments, relaxing and rejuvenating therapies, in a unique natural environment. 
Communication: Therma Spa tel. - 22540 62062



Exploring the aquatic universe. Crystal clear seas, enormous underwater wealth and endless exploration options. Underwater photography, spearfishing, acquaintance with the underwater flora and fauna of the seabed. The geology of Limnos creates ideal conditions for explorers of the deep. An inexhaustible sources of adventure and discovery, the seas of Limnos attract more and more divers.
The diving school in Moudros provides training for beginners as well as a meeting place for experienced divers. Upon completing basic training, diving down to 6 meters (18 feet) is permitted, accompanied by the instructor. Naturally, keeping up with classes will enable you to dive on your own.  One of the most beautiful diving spots on the island for underwater exploration, is the wreck of Kobi in the Fakos peninsula, as well as the pyramid-shaped rocky point in Evgatis.

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